Introductory Letter

Amethyst Brochure

Registration is now open to all curlers who wish to attend the 2016 Amethyst Curling Camp (our 20th Anniversary).  Visit the Registration Tab on the website to get your application in as soon as possible.

This camp is a wonderful opportunity for young curlers to grow their knowledge of the game, and to experience many of our top coaches from Ontario and other parts of Canada.  This year, National Coaches from Canada will be on staff full-time as will the former National Coaches from Germany, Netherlands and Austria.  The staff includes our best Provincial Coaches and several graduates of the camp who have experienced success at the national level of competition.  Our staff of coaches are great teachers of the sport.  Additionally, besides athlete development, each camper will meet other young people who love the sport and wish to improve.  Many friendships will be developed and the possibility of forming new teams always exists.  These are the young curlers who will continue to meet and compete with each other for years to come.

See you in Sudbury!