Your Team Invitation

Team Registration

Hello everyone:

We are very excited to announce that we are again accepting Team Registrations to the Amethyst Curling Camp. Teams can  benefit from attending the Amethyst Curling Camp together to grow their knowledge of the game. As a team, you will be able to experience many of our top coaches from Ontario and other parts of Canada. Besides the development of your skills, your team will meet other young athletes who love the sport and wish to improve too.

As a team, you will have several classroom and on-ice sessions including:

·      Delivery Analysis ·      Sweeping Analysis ·      Strategy / Tactics
·      Practice Drills ·      Practice Games ·      Mental Toughness
·      Physical Training ·      Nutrition ·      Practice Planning
·      Goal Setting ·      Team Dynamics ·      And Much More!

The cost for this training camp be $3,524.00 + HST ($456.00) = $3,980.00 per team or $881.00 + HST ($114.00) = $995.00 per individual. The camp cost includes accommodations, meals, coaching, and instruction, as well as bus transportation during the camp. It will also include all the extra events we are planning: swimming, mini-putt, a dance, a camp T-shirt and a camp picture.

If you decide to come to the Amethyst Curling Camp as a team, your team coach is more than welcome to attend with you! Your coach will be allowed to listen and work with you throughout the week, but the cost for your coach to attend will be at the team’s own expense. Should your coach wish to attend, please have them contact the Camp Director, Leslie Kerr for more information.